Regal Cinemas Garden Grove 16

The Regal Cinemas Garden Grove 16 appeared in 1999. It further worsened the glut of huge multiplexes in central Orange County. The AMC 30 at the Block is a couple miles away, and the Century 25 is a little further than that. This multiplex hearkens back to the small screen theaters in the local strip mall. It's location is in a place called "The Promenade," which in this case means "uninteresting bunch of shops." It is a random mix of restaurants and stores, with Pic N Save and Pizza Hut being closest to the movies. There's also a Chinese place, a Japanese place, and some sort of factory outlet in the immediate area. So if you want a full night out, this is not the place to go. This is the main drawback to this multiplex. You can see a movie, but not much else.

The exterior looks nice, reminiscent of some past decade. However, the Century 25 has a very similar design and came along first, so rather than scoring points for being original, this multiplex looks like the Century 25. It also has a nice green lawn in front of it, which makes it look a little more expansive. Hello? Lawn? Sure it looks nice, but it also cuts down on parking. This series of stores and restaurants is pretty spread out, so when it is really crowded, it can be a trek to watch a movie.
Since it is new, it still has that "new theater" smell. The marquee is electronic which is always nice. All the theaters are stadium seating and Dolby Digital. However, there are no 'loveseat' style seats, meaning the armrests do not raise. Screens are about medium size, with none extremely large and none extremely small. The staff is decent (relatively speaking) and tends to leave you be unless you ask them a question. It's also relatively cleaner than most other theaters. Overall, an okay experience.
I like that on weekends, they start movies before noon. Compared to most other theaters, this is pretty early. Good for them.
9741 Chapman
Garden Grove, CA

714 534 4777

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