The origin of HARO WORLDWIDE began in the California Gold Rush. To the left is the only picture of the HARO mining clan (pictured from left to right : Sparky, Reuben, Hiram, Abraham, Orion, and clan patriach Mordecai Haro). The Haro clan mined their small plot of land just south of Sacramento, known as "Souter's Mall." There wasn't much gold on the land, but enough to support them through the 1860s.
HARO WORLDWIDE began in 1862 with the invention of cotton gin. Mordecai Haro, a fond lover of all things alcoholic, was penniless. In order to keep his continual buzz, he started distilling his own brand of gin mixed in with his son's clothes. He enjoyed this drink so much, he started HARO Ltd, named after his sons (Hiram, Abraham, Reuben, and Orion; Sparky had died three years earlier in an effort to further the use of dynamite).
Mordecai Haro died in 1889. By then, HARO Ltd was a bustling chain of five and dime stores with locations all over the Southwest. His four sons took control of the company, bringing it to new heights. By the early 1900's, HARO Ltd had extended its arms across all industry. Produce, banking, transportation, and real estate empires were built under the HARO monicker. Then, monopoly fever hit the United States. HARO, along with Standard Oil, was split.
Hiram Haro was given the remainder of HARO Ltd. He renamed it HARO Inc and provided the foundation that made HARO what it is today. Over the years, Hiram and his sons and daughters have focused on the goods and services that have brought HARO to the top of it's field.
Today, the birth of HARO's presence on the Internet has brought a whole new generation of business people in contact with HARO. Together, who knows what heights we can reach tomorrow?