Why I Love Movies
Hi everybody. My name is Gerf. And if you're a long time reader of this site, you'll know that this page rarely changes. I'm extremely lazy. Well, I'm going to start something a little bit different. Before, I used to focus on various movie theaters in the area. I'll still do that, but I want to expand your horizons. I realize that I've named this "Why I Hate Movies." And there are many things about movies and the movie-going experience that I detest. These are the things that I'll be writing about, along with the occasional review on the main page. Think of this as something like a blog, with random updates and even more random thoughts. But I do promise to be a little more consistent in my updates. Yeah, you've heard that before.
Before I begin to ramble on about why I hate movies, let me reassure you that I do indeed like movies. In fact, I love movies. I love watching them, thinking about them, and debating them with other people (as long as they realize that I'm right). When I see a great film, I want to tell everybody about it and get them to see it. When I see a bad one, I'll take utter joy in ripping it apart and mocking it. The movie going experience is just wonderful. I love sitting in a big theater, watching the lights go down and letting the fullness of the experience envelop me. There are comfortable seats, a huge screen, and great sound. You might have a great setup at home, but chances are most movie screens are bigger than your TV.
I think that it's really cool that a few people, or thousands of people can pool their efforts together to make something that others can enjoy. They take me all the way from the future to the past. I can forget about everything else and immerse myself into a good story. I enjoy the breadth of movies out there. Yes, there are actually things that exist outside the standard multiplex. With so much product out there, there is literally something for everybody. I like movies that make me think. At the same time, I can enjoy a big action film that just blows me away with special effects. I like documentaries. I like movies that make me cry (well, if I cried). I like action films, dramas, comedies, thrillers, and foreign films. I love original ideas, or seeing things or ideas I haven't seen before. I like watching excellent acting, listening to great music, or watching some amazing production work. I even like how some movies are so powerful that they can affect me, or make me really despise the person on screen. I think that good movies are one that can elicit some sort of emotion of out me. Whether I'm happy, sad, or pissed (not at the movie itself), a good movie is one that affects me somehow.
So why do I hate movies? Well...just wait and see.

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