Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Although the original Resident Evil movie fared only so-so in theaters, it apparently did very well after its release on DVD.  Hence, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, which gives more of Milla Jovovich running around in next to nothing, and also gives newcomer Sienna Guillory running around in a tube top.  Hey, people like Jovovich kicking zombie butt in the first one, so why not give people more of what they want?  Resident Evil:  Apocalypse is actually better in some ways than the first (although worst in others) because it doesn't seem to be taking itself too seriously.  It knows (hopefully) that it sucks, and is just having a good time.  There is a lot more wisecracking, which helps to keep people awake.

Things pick up relatively shortly after the first movie, with Alice (Jovovich, Resident Evil, Zoolander) finding herself awakened with superhuman powers.  The Umbrella Corporation, the group responsible for the zombies in the first film, tried to reopen the infected lab, resulting in the release of the T-virus across Raccoon City.  Don't worry about the plot, it's secondary.  Basically, a huge multinational corporation shuts quarantines a zombie-filled city.  A band of people are trying to escape, and a scientist (Jared Harris, Sylvia, Mr. Deeds) agrees to help them if they can rescue his daughter Angie (Sophie Vavasseur, Evelyn), also trapped in the city.  Alice joins them primarily to kick butt. 

The violence is nearly never-ending, and Apocalypse resembles a video game even more than typical.  Writer Paul W. S. Anderson (Alien Vs. Predator, Resident Evil) has broken the film neatly into "levels" like the church, the school, the graveyard, the hospital, the bridge, and so on.  Each is merely a different set (albeit some of the sets actually look pretty good) for lots of fighting and fetish-like shorts of Jovovich and Guillory (Love Actually, The Time Machine).  When Jovovich isn't wearing her baby tee and orange mesh tank top, she's in a constant state of near undress, clad in things like a towel or a barely there hospital gown.  Why?  Not sure, but the fanboys probably don't mind.  Guillory plays Jill Valentine, the heroine of the video games.  So apparently, there may be more movie sequels (the end of the film is left wide open).

The welcome addition of humor is due to the inclusion of Mike Epps (The Fighting Temptations, Malibu's Most Wanted).  He trash talks his way and brings some levity to an otherwise dullish film.  Anderson gives the actors, particularly Jovovich some awful dialogue that was meant to be serious but sounds unintentionally stupid.  Worse is that she delivers it seriously.  Director Alexander Witt ruins many of the fight scenes with choppy editing, so that nobody can see Jovovich or Guillory clearly when they're kicking butt.  It is interesting that in an action movie, the two main leads are female, and they both kick butt.  However, this isn't because anybody concerned with the film is interested in any serious issues, but because they look really hot wearing tight clothes and killing zombies.

Haro Rates It: Not That Good.
1 hour, 33 minutes, Rated R for non-stop violence, language, and some nudity.

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