Skippy is by far the worst movie to grace theaters in a long time. What strange confluence of factors led to a release in theaters? Did the planets align in some special millennial formation? Or did somebody sell his/her soul to Satan? This is the type of movie that usually heads straight to video stores, and if lucky, gets lost and never appears. It is a complete waste of time and money, and people should avoid Skippy at all costs. It is not funny. It is not shocking. It is merely boring, which is the kiss of death for any movie.

It tries to be funny, but uses jokes that are already old to first-graders. Skippy (Jon Convery) is a nice guy, but an all-around loser. The process of natural selection somehow skipped over him. He is missing more than a few brain cells, has Kramer-like hair, and wears loud, tight-fitting, short clothes. When he learns that the actress Julie Fontaine (Paget Brewster, The Specials, The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle) is looking to date a 'normal' guy, he packs his bags and moves to Los Angeles. There, he hooks up with Larry (Timothy Patrick O'Brien, My Uncle the Alien), another reject from the gene pool. Together, they attempt to make Skippy into what they think would attract Julie. No one cares for any of these characters. Julie, the so-called nice girl of the movie, is part of an obvious subplot that ruins her character in the minds of viewers.

Too bad there is not one funny moment in the movie. Instead, there are feeble attempts at humor and tedious sequences. It's not clear who director Denis Adam Zervos (Space Freaks from Planet Mutoid) and writer Convery want to watch this movie. In a sad way, it is ideal for children with short attention spans, who enjoy the quick and stupid humor present here. However, the humor is a little too crude for the kids who would enjoy this the most. Imagine an annoying person. Then imagine if everybody was as annoying. That is what watching the actors in Skippy feels like. Watching a jar of Skippy peanut butter for the same amount of time would be more enjoyable. And cheaper.

Haro Rates It: Really Bad.
1 hour, 30 minutes, Rated PG for crude humor, mild language and innuendo, and for some comic violence.

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