L.A. Twister

Okay, this is getting ridiculous.  Yes, the old adage says "write what you know," but the sheer number of independent films that take this to heart is getting out of hand.  At one point it was probably original, now the idea about writing a film that is about trying to make a film is old and tired.  Especially since there seem to be a multitude of these really small films that have the same theme, that nobody seems to see.  There are amusing ones like Hit & Runway, and other similar ones like Pipe Dream and New Suit.  Then, there are big Hollywood films that use the same themes, usually revealing at the end that the movie was based on what characters in the movie went through.  It's pretty annoying, and L.A. Twister is probably the most annoying of the bunch.

So what exactly is L.A. Twister about?  Nothing much happens in the plot.  It's mainly about two friends trying to make it in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles.  They have an idea for a script and are looking for funding, but the lack of a completed script is hindering their ability to secure financing.  Lenny (Zack Ward, Freddy vs. Jason, Almost Famous) has been in Hollywood for a while, always looking for a big break.  So far, nothing.  His friend Ethan (Tony Daly, Dodgeball) moves in with him after the breakup of his marriage.  So Ethan is depressed, and Lenny keeps trying to land the perfect role.

They decide to make a movie, and L.A. Twister chronicles their supposedly amusing attempts to get one made.  At the same time, Lenny begins falling for Mindy (Jennifer Aspen, Vanilla Sky, See Jane Run), whom he met on the set of a film after a failed attempt at getting a role.  He wants Mindy to star in their film, but slowly realizes that she's a great person and he really likes her.  A lot of what is in screenwriter Geoffrey Saville-Read's script is supposed to be funny and satirical.  The problem is that very little is.  The stuff that is funny has been done many times before, and people can guess the punch line before the joke begins. 

Worse is that Lenny and Ethan are pretty annoying.  Especially Lenny.  What should be a carefree attitude and zeal for success comes across as arrogance.  And director Sven Pape does absolutely nothing to make the film interesting.  Well, there are some strange outtakes from the filming that made it into the final version.  There's a reason for that, and it's not even worth mentioning.  The one amusing piece of information is that Ward is the same guy who played the bully in A Christmas Story.  Wow, one would think that he could do better.

Mongoose Rates It: Really Bad.
1 hour, 32 minutes, Not Rated but contains some language, an easy R.

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