You'll Get Over It

(A Cause d'un Garcon)

Although it is coming out (sorry, no pun intended) here as a theatrical release, You'll Get Over It aired originally in France as a made-for-television movie. The feel of the film is more suitable to the latter than the former. In nearly every aspect it feels like one of those afternoon specials, or a ‘very special’ episode of a WB teen show. There is also a very strange time warp feel to the movie. The movie deals with Vincent (Julien Baumgartner, Sexy Boys, La Chambre des Parents V) and how his life changes when he is outed as gay. Aside from one or two characters, most of the people in the film react with revulsion and homophobia. One would like to think that most people today are more enlightened than this, but who knows. Still, the reactions of the various people around Vincent seem to be more in line with the attitudes prevalent at least a decade or so ago.

Vincent is a star on the swim team and a good student, and he has a really hot girlfriend Noemie (Julia Maraval, Ronin, Soleil) who adores him. Nobody knows that he is gay, until he meets Benjamin (Jeremie Elkaim, The Pornographer, Come Undone). Currently, he goes out of town to rendezvous with another man. Benjamin intrigues him. He is a new student, and seems to have an air of danger around him. Unfortunately, some homophobes see him and Benjamin, and soon the entire school knows. Now, Vincent is a pariah. The swim team doesn't want anything to do with him, although he is their best man. They feel especially uncomfortable showering with him. His parents and brother cannot believe it, and Noemie is depressed and lost. The only person who acts ‘normally’ is his best friend Stephane (Francois Comar), who is angry that Vincent didn't tell him sooner. To Stephane, it doesn't matter. Vincent is his friend, and he will support him in whatever he chooses.

The bulk of You'll Get Over It is Vincent dealing with his newfound situation. Director Fabrice Cazeneuve (La Dette, The True Reality) and writer Vincent Molina don't really do anything good or bad. You'll Get Over It is a very unremarkable film in nearly every aspect. It doesn't have anything unique to distinguish it in either direction. Many other movies and television shows have handled similar themes of coming out, especially in high school, where cliques and status reign supreme. Although Cazeneuve would like to think otherwise, Baumgartner never looks or sounds too distraught.

Another issue is the character of Benjamin. There is never any reason given as to why Vincent is attracted to him. It's a shaky foundation that ripples through the rest of the film. A far more interesting character is Noemie. She is the person dealing hardest with Vincent's sexuality. She truly loved Vincent, and his sexuality is like a slap in the face to her. Cazeneuve and Molina spend a surprising amount of time with her character. She wants to support Vincent, but her feelings for him get in the way. She is going through all sorts of emotions, and the one person she would talk to is the person responsible for most of them. In fact, Noemie is probably the most interesting character in the film.

Mongoose Rates It: Okay.
1 hour, 26 minutes, French with English subtitles, Not Rated but contains nudity, sexuality, and language, an easy R.

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