The Wash

An abundance of money affords many luxuries, including the ability to indulge oneself in whatever diversions one pleases. For Snoop Dogg, this diversion is making movies. In his time off from movies, Snoop has taken small to medium roles in recent films (Training Day, Baby Boy) and The Wash is one of his first opportunities to carry a film. Well, after watching the film, Snoop should stick to what he knows best. The Wash is little more than a vanity project for Snoop and Dr. Dre. They look like they're having fun making the movie, unlike most of the people who will watch it. Even for their fans, The Wash never manages to hold interest. It is more interesting watching how many other rappers make cameos (Emimen, Xzibit, and Ludacris included) and how long it is between said cameos.

Sean (Dre, Training Day, Whiteboys) and Dee Loc (Snoop) are best friends who love to (what else) laze around and smoke out. Sean needs a job, so Snoop hooks him up at the car wash where he works. Dee just washes cars, and Mr. Washington (George Wallace, Little Nicky, Catfish in Black Bean Sauce) makes Sean Assistant Manager, which causes a small rift between the two. Dee Loc just wants to goof off and sell his stash, while Sean actually develops a work ethic. Sean wants to sleep early, while Dee Loc parties all night with loud music. Dee Loc does everything he can to undermine Sean and Washington while doing as little work as possible. A juvenile competition develops, both at work and at their apartment.

Writer/director DJ Pooh (3 Strikes)does have a story here somewhere, and it takes forever to get started. Slim (DJ Pooh) kidnaps Washington and demands a ransom, which means that all the employees of the car wash need to put aside their difference and figure out a way to rescue him. They concoct a plan that only works in movies. The rescue attempt is actually quite amusing, since Slim and his accomplices are so inept. But is this because the rescue actually is amusing, or because the rest of the movie was so mundane? Otherwise, The Wash basically consists of Snoop not working. As a comedic actor, Snoop leaves much to be desired. He is much better in his other roles, where he is a menacing criminal. Dre has little to do but look exasperated. They could both do better, and are probably hampered by the razor thin script. There is frequently nothing for anybody to do, and many of the actors look bored being there.

Haro Rates It: Pretty Bad.
1 hour, 34 minutes, Rated R for pervasive language, drug use, some sexuality, and violence.

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