Mon Star

Mon Star deserves special notice, just because it is so random. Glenn S. Abbott made this film for next to nothing, and it looks like it. However, this was not the point. He wanted to make a film with spirit and fun, and Mon Star is a musical about a creature born from an asteroid. Yes, a musical about a monster born from an asteroid. Yes, this movie basically sucks, but it is fun. A scientist (Gary Geraci) espies an asteroid in space, an unwittingly creates a monster. The monster rampages around the city, and the military is sent in to fight it.

It's a very simple story, but hilarious to watch, mainly because everybody is singing. IT is clear that Abbott is not taking himself too seriously, and that's what makes Mon Star fun. Most other low budget independent films take themselves way too seriously, which usually means that the result is a pretentious piece of crap. Here, the monster has his own song that essentially goes "blah blah blah" while subtitles on the bottom of the screen relay the true meaning.

This was made for next to nothing, and looks like it. However, the looks are not what is important about the film. They are not so bad as to detract from enjoying the movie. Yes, the scientist's lab looks cheesy, and the shots of the monster rampaging around the city are cheesy, but EVERYBODY IS SINGING! And, the monster looks like the judge from Pink Floyd's The Wall. The costume is essentially a guy's head stuck in a monster suit, with little legs protruding where the guy's shoulders should be.

In a sense, it's good that Mon Star clocks in at under ten minutes. If it were any longer, the joke would wear thing and the film would for from amusing to annoying. As it is, the running time is enough for a few quick songs, and Abbot effectively conveys what he wants to. It would be nice to see what he could do with some more money.

Gerf Rates It: Not Bad.
9 minutes, 46 seconds, Not Rated but would probably be a PG, maybe a G.

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