Me You Them

(Eu Tu Eles)


In her native Brazil, Regina Case is hugely popular and nationally revered. Here in the United States, she is a complete unknown. Me You Them is not the best way to introduce audiences to her. Case (Moon Over Parador) plays Darlene, a woman who essentially collects husbands, all in the same house. Director Andrucha Waddington (Gemeas) and screenwriter Elena Soarez based the movie on a television special they saw. Me You Them moves at a leisurely pace, not really caring what genre it belongs in. It is not really making a statement, and not really funny in any sort of manner. However, there is enough black humor to not classify it as a drama.

After the birth of her first child, Regina marries Osias (Lima Duarte, Word and Utopia). He is not the father of her child, he merely promises to give her a house. He is extremely lazy, and is more than content to sit on his hammock all day and listen to the radio. Regina cooks, takes care of the child, works, and cleans the house. Osias' hapless relative Zezinho (Stenio Garcia, Nutty Boy 2) moves in, and sets his sight on Regina. Soon, they are having an affair, and he fathers her a child. Osias is oblivious to the fact that he is not the father. Later, Ciro (Luis Carlos Vasconcelos, Minuit, Perfumed Ball), a young migrant worker, falls for Regina and he moves in too.

Each of the husbands embodies a specific characteristic. Put them together and they form a well-rounded man. Osias is the patriarchal figure. He is the head of the household, and makes the important decisions. Zezinho has the more domestic qualities. He begins to do the cooking and cleaning, and even delivers lunch to Regina (and later Ciro) at work. Ciro represents youth and independence. Regina has all these qualities, and possibly seeks out each husband to indulge each of these characteristics.

Me You Them paces itself. It is the way people live their lives in the poor northern Brazilian town. Things move slower in Regina's life, and this comes out in the movie. It's a while before all her husbands come together, and only then does the humor come out. Zezinho loves Regina dearly, although he knows she loves Ciro. She begins to use this to her and Ciro's advantage. Also, Osias' son has skin clearly darker than it should be. Altogether, everybody seems a little too indifferent for their own good.

Mongoose Rates It: Okay.
1 hour, 47 minutes, Portugese with English subtitles, Rated PG-13 for sexuality and thematic content.

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