Happy Accidents

Ruby Weaver has a problem. She just met a man who seems perfect in many ways. Sam Deed is quirky, funny, smart, and kind guy from Dubuque, Iowa. And he believes he's from the year 2470. This is especially troubling for Ruby (Marisa Tomei, What Women Want, The Watcher), who truly believed Sam (Vincent D'Onofrio, The Cell, Steal This Movie) could be the one. Ruby's main problem is that she seems to fall for all the wrong men. Happy Accidents is the latest film from Brad Anderson (Session 9, Next Stop Wonderland), who makes a movie that is not quite a romantic comedy and not quite a drama. This uncertainty is what makes Happy Accidents unique and interesting to watch.

Although Ruby is gorgeous, for whatever reason, she cannot find he right man. She and her friends constantly gather to commiserate over failed romances. That's why the Sam's revelation is so devastating. Initially, he acts oddly, but in a cute way. He does not know what certain things are, doesn't understand some slang, and is deathly afraid of dogs. These are traits that Ruby finds endearing. Once he drops the bomb on her, everything makes sense, except for her reaction. Even she does not understand why she still finds herself attracted to him. It tears her apart. Things only become worse when he tells her why he came back to the past, and begins predicting things.

Happy Accidents is charming because of Anderson, D'Onofrio and Tomei. Anderson takes the time to let the characters and the audience get to know each other. Sam and Ruby spend time talking, so their affection for each other is wholly believable, as is Ruby's profound sense of confusion about Sam's past (or future?). Tomei is utterly charming, showing a vulnerable side to her character. D'Onofrio is even better. He usually plays psychopaths, so watching him here is a bizarre experience. Everybody knows what he can do, so when he plays something like this, he brings a certain edginess to the role. Nobody quite knows what to expect. He doesn't usually play regular guys, and is not usually in romantic comedies. Combine this with the fact that his character may or may not be insane (there is a definitive answer at the end) makes his performance amusing and odd at the same time.

Mongoose Rates It: Not Bad.
1 hour, 40 minutes, Rated R for language.

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