Girls Will Be Girls

Here's something to ponder: if a movie tries really hard to be bad and ends up bad, does that mean it is good? Especially since it achieved what it was aiming for? Girls Will Be Girls aims to be a movie about three bitchy women. Deep down they love each other, but it comes out in biting, acerbic remarks and evil actions toward each other. Oh, and all three women are played by male actors in drag. There is no recognition in the film that these are men in drag, the story treats them like women. In other words, Girls Will Be Girls is one bizarre experiment.

All three live in a house that seems to small too fit their egos. Evie (Jack Plotnick, Down with Love, Say It Isn't So) owns the place and is a failed actress. She had one role in a B-movie and is still trying to coast off it, even though the movie is decades old. She still tries (unsuccessfully) to get new roles, not knowing that her condescending attitude stands in the way. That, and her fake eye, wig, and caked on makeup. Her longtime tenant/friend is Coco (Clinton Leupp, Trick, Nick and Jane), who longs to reunite with the doctor who performed her abortion many years ago. Uh, okay. The third lady is the new tenant, Varla (Jeffery Roberson), a bright-eyed starlet who yearns for stardom. Her very presence stirs up resentment and competition in Evie, who begins working out feverishly and trying even harder to succeed.

Richard Day, who wrote and directed the film, is able to whip out some biting insults, but Girls Will Be Girls feels more like an amusing concept that, when fleshed out to a film doesn't quite get there. And watching three men perform as women is surreal. In fact, it looks like every single character in the film is played by a male actor. Oh well. They do not parade around in excessive female stereotypes, so at least that's a good thing. For the most part, Leupp and Plotnick are horribly ugly looking women. Roberson actually looks like a plausible female, and watching the men play women is the only reason (if that) to see Girls Will Be Girls. The story is mundane and quickly drifts into nothingness. The entire tone of the film is satirical, but Day realizes his concepts lazily, opting for quick snide insults instead of anything else.

Mongoose Rates It: Pretty Bad.
1 hour, 22 minutes, Rated R for sexuality, language, and drug content.

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