Freddy Got Fingered

Freddy Got Fingered is nearly a complete waste of a movie, showcasing the bizarre sense of humor of Tom Green. Green in small amounts is sometimes mildly amusing. Movies like Road Trip and Charlie's Angels actually acquired a quirkier sense of humor with Green's inclusion. The important thing to remember is in those movies, the focus was not on Green. He was a small part of something larger. In Freddy Got Fingered, Green is the entire movie. This is an excuse for him to take his MTV aired The Tom Green Show to another level, one that is much lower.

Green plays Gord Brody, an aspiring animator. Brody leaves home to work in a cheese sandwich factory, but soon returns home to live with his parents. A network executive told him that he needs something creative in order to achieve some notice, so Gord goes about doing all sorts of strange things to help spark his imagination. His father Jim (Rip Torn, Wonder Boys, The Insider) thinks that animation is stupid, and wants Gord to get a job. Any sort of job. They constantly clash over this issue, and given some of the fights, it is amazing that both are still living. Gord just sits around all day acting strange. And this is the entire movie. The various scenes move from one to another without any discernible purpose. Instead of a cohesive narrative, Freddy Got Fingered is a string of bad skits.

Green, who directed and co-wrote the movie with Derek Harvie, feels the need to outdo himself and the other toilet comedies released recently. His manic persona is quickly tiring, as are his many antics. Swinging a newborn baby by its umbilical cord is not funny. What his wheelchair bound girlfriend wants him to do is not funny. The circumstances regarding the title are not funny. Green's fascination with animal genitalia (specifically horse and elephant) is not even remotely funny. Green's purpose is to push limits and annoy people, and in this respect, he succeeds. He is outrageous and brazen, but there is a large difference between watching this on television for free (relatively) and paying to see this. Do not pay to see this.

Haro Rates It: Really Bad.
1 hour, 34 minutes, Rated R for crude sexual and bizarre humor and for strong language.

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