Another Gay Movie

Parodies of movies are always hit and miss, and sometimes they can be both hit and miss depending on how many references they try to cram in.  The problem with many of these movies is that they are so concerned with making fun of other movies that they lose sight of the fact that there needs to be a plot.  That is why the recent Scary Movie movies are worthless.  Another Gay Movie aims to spoof American Pie.  And it does a surprisingly good job of that.  Writer/director Todd Stephens (Gypsy 83, Edge of Seventeen) and co-writer Tim Kaltenecker (Edge of Seventeen) take the same story of four high school graduates trying to lose their virginity before the end of summer and turn all the protagonists gay.  They also pile on the outrageous sexual comedy, and parody a number of specific scenes from American Pie (the pie, the MILF, the streamed video,...the list goes on).

What Stephens forgets (or ignores, it's hard to say) is that behind the outrageousness of American Pie was a genuinely likable story.  Instead of aiming for this, Stephens goes the route of many gay-themed comedies and aims to be as flamboyant and outrageous as possible.  The colors are bright (reminiscent of the look and tone of But I'm a Cheerleader), the sexuality and nudity are gleefully profane, and the stereotypes are out in force.  It's hard figuring out if some of these characters are offensive or not because they are so stereotypical.  As such, they tend to be a bit one-dimensional, and exist more to further the joke than to create a sympathetic character.  As a comedy, Another Gay Movie works in shocking people into laughing, but there isn't much in it that is "funny."

The best transplant from American Pie to Another Gay Movie is Muffler (Ashlie Atkinson, Inside Man), who is the Stifler character re-imagined as a raging bull-dyke.  She is loud, obnoxious, promiscuous, and the one element of the movie that feels like a fun and original take on the source material.  The other characters feel a bit boring.  Andy Wilson (Michael Carbonaro, A Tale of Two Pizzas) and his friends Jarod (Jonathan Chase), Griff (Mitch Morris, Seeing Other People, Any Given Sunday), and the incredibly flamboyant Nico (Jonah Blechman, This Boy's Life) scheme about ways to find guys willing to help them in their quest.  Scott Thompson (The Pacifier, My Baby's Daddy) does a passable imitation of the Eugene Levy character, but is missing the sheer embarrassment/discomfort factor of Levy. The acting and situations are far over-the-top, so when Stephens does try to inject some emotion into the story, it falls a bit flat.  It would have almost been better to leave these scenes out entirely, and opt for nothing but outrageousness.

Mongoose Rates It: Not That Good.
1 hour, 32 minutes, Not Rated but contains language, nudity, sexuality, and drug use, skirts the line between R and NC-17.

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